“Food for Thought”

On going project:

“food” + “architecture” = “sustainability” – The Resilient Borders Project


Volumetric Proposition

At this stage, the key issues and proposals are transformed into the design proposition which will incorporate key sustainable criteria in environmental and ecological design in its conception. This volumetric proposition diagram illustrates building programs in terms of massing, area and also how does the massing affect micro-climate and sunlight.


Inspiring case studies:

“Local food markets could deliver on all aspects of sustainable development – economic (by providing producers with a profitable route to market), environmental (by cutting down on the pollution associated with food transportation, and by interesting consumers in how the land around them is farmed), and social (by encouraging a sense of community between buyer and seller, town and country).”

The Policy Commission on Farming and Food1 , p.119

Revised Volumetric Proposition

task 3_Page_2 task 3_Page_3 task 3_Page_4 task 3_Page_5 task 3_Page_6 task 3_Page_7 task 3_Page_8

The Prototype

During this task, a part of the building is selected for tectonic analysis. The following presentation explains the tectonics and constructional build up of the project, a strategy for design for deconstruction and reconstruction, as well as, the environmental impact and sustainable responsiveness.

Food for Thought - Task 4 - Kawin Dhanakoses_Page_1 Food for Thought - Task 4 - Kawin Dhanakoses_Page_2 Food for Thought - Task 4 - Kawin Dhanakoses_Page_3 Food for Thought - Task 4 - Kawin Dhanakoses_Page_4

Sustainable Design Methodologies Project  

Msc. Advanced Sustainable Design

Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

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